Friday, October 2, 2009

River East Walmart.....

Supporters of Walmart coming to the Anacostia area, are seriously underestimating the impact that Walmart will have on the neighborhood. Walmarts only pay their employees enough to really shop at Walmart. Thus they create an company store type situation. This also leads to the neighborhoods seeing economic decline, with less money going to smaller "mom & pop" type stores, and more money going to Walmart, thus forcing the employees of the "mom & pop" store to shop at the Walmart, until nothing is left but Walmart. While the prospect of bringing in a giant box store seems nice to a neighborhood initially, it has long lasting economic effects that are devastating.

Plus any attempt of the employees of Walmarts to unionize, for better wages, or conditions have been met with hostility, and eventual store closings, siting loss of profitability.

On top of that, Walmarts demands for lower bulk pricing, often pushes manufacturers to sell their goods for less than cost, and this in turn cripples manufacturing jobs to the point where at least one company has gone under.

Walmart should have no place in America, let alone Anacostia. Lets do our best to keep them out!

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