Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8% average increase in MPG

So I just read this article:


That's a good bit of news, even 8% increases are significant, though it would be nice to see higher averages than the 23 MPG that we have now attained. Hopefully we will see greater increases in full economy in the near future.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey DC government, people ride bicycles in SE too....

Based on the status of the bike paths, and routes in SE, you would think that DC government does not believe that the people of SE ride bicycles. The path along Suitland Parkway is crumbling, and covered in broken glass and overgrowth. The bike path up over the 11th Street bridge is covered in trash, is so narrow that you can barely put one bike down it, and has such a low guardrail between it and the cars whizzing by on the bridge that if you fell over, you would be roadkill shortly.

It seems like it would benefit the city to enable people to bike to work/around town, as it would reduce the number of cars on the road, plus the city should be interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Warning, A small rant follows.

I do not understand how many of the residents of Anacostia think that it is acceptable to just toss litter into the streets. Do they not live here as well? I can not imagine the thought process of an individual, who does not have an issue with living in a neighborhood that is scattered with candy wrappers, and smashed glass. I understand that a completely litter-less society is not a realistic view of the world, but one would think that people would take an effort to not toss trash everywhere.