Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey local high school kids.....

...When you try to break into a condo, that has a fair amount of upstanding people, including atleast one person who is a federal agent, and another who works for MPD, you might run into some jail issues.

If those three kids who broke our drive in gate, and broke into one car, and came back later to try to break into a unit, and when they developer came to chase you off, you ran, and threw a rock through his window, are reading this, why don't you go be a productive member of society?  I didn't go to school, and I still am at a point where I bought a place at age 24.  You want to know how I did it?  Well it wasn't through a life of crime, attempting to steal things to get the things I wanted.  Instead, I went and got a job, I worked hard, and saved until I could afford what I wanted.  Theft, will get you no where, except where you have already been.  Crime is cyclical, so why start.

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