Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring time for South East

 So spring time has finally come around.  It has been absolutely beautiful here in DC. 

That being said, I say its about time to get the neighborhood together, and get out there and clean up.  Why do people still in this day and age, not understand the concept of not littering?  Seriously? Do you really have no respect for your own enviroment?  Im not even talking about the earth, more so the area you are actually living in.  Do you just toss trash on the floor of your house?  If so, don't the rats and fleas, and bacteria/mold disgust you?  How can you live in piles of your own filth? 

If you don't dump trash around your house, why do you think its ok to drop the trash on the street as you walk? 

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  1. Hey J. Foley, started following your blog a while back because I'm interested in what you have to say,but you seem to be taking a hiatus from your blogging career! I work with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and we're looking to hold a number of events in the area. So I'd like to connect with you. My email is

    Thanks and happy riding